France: Promotion of cork in the timeline up to Christmas

At this final stages of the Intercork institutional campaign, APCOR has identified a 12.500€ (twelve thousand five hundred Euros) amount that can be allocated in the French market for additional promotion of cork stoppers in the timeline up to Christmas; more precisely this amount needs to be spent on promotional initiatives implemented until mid-December.

APCOR will favour proposals that state a clear cost/benefit ratio, while strategically concentrating on activities that are web-centric, but that also contemplate proactive media relations.

As such, APCOR is requesting proposals for the application of such funding. We need to receive such cork promotional proposals by email (realcork@apcor.pt), no later than 18:00 GMT of the 25th of November 2011.

For more information visit http://realcork.org/campaign/planeteliege.htm