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The Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR) was created to represent and promote the Portuguese Cork Industry. It is an employers' association, of national scope, founded in 1956 and based in the north of Portugal, in Santa Maria de Lamas, a town just over half an hour from Oporto, the second largest city in the country. All the companies that operate in the fields of production, commerce or export of cork products can join the association.


APCOR’s mission is to promote and develop cork as a raw material of excellence, as well as all cork-based products and derivatives.


To successfully fulfil our mission, every year we undertake actions to promote and develop cork through various initiatives of both national and international scope: campaigns, programmes, seminars, workshops, events, etc.

In addition, APCOR produces and provides a range of documents and has an extensive collection of resources on cork and the cork industry. Namely:

  • Legislation relevant to the Sector
  • Statistics
  • Press Information
  • "Notícias APCOR", the Association's newspaper
  • The sites www.apcor.pt and www.realcork.org
  • Information on a variety of media available for consultation in our library
  • Brochures (on Products, APCOR, Wine, Cork and others), CD-ROMs and videos
  • Clipping service on everything related to cork
  • A weekly column published in the Diário Económico on the cork sector

For the general public to become familiar with this incomparable material, we have published the following works:

  • História da Cortiça (History of Cork)
  • Sentir a Pele (Feeling the Skin)
  • A Rolha de Cortiça - da floresta à utilização (The Cork Stopper – from the forest to the bottle)
  • Other publications that you can find on Publications.

But this is not all we do. Together with the Cork Technology Centre (CTCOR) and with Universities and other Research Centres, APCOR has sponsored studies and research in the following fields:

  • Quality
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Technical and Technological Innovation
  • Strategy
  • Occupational Safety and Health

And because one of our objectives is also to build a more effective, efficient and dynamic corporate enterprise, APCOR offers its members services in various areas of Business Management:

  • Administrative support - Statistics / IT
  • Legal support (in all aspects of the law)
  • Economic and financial support
  • Support in the field of Quality and Environment
  • Raising awareness of the International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practice (ICCSMP) and of management of the Environmental Adaptation Contract for the Cork Sector.
  • Support in the field of Communication and Image - corporate External Relations.
  • Support during the preparation of Projects and Studies.

In Portugal, APCOR is also responsible for the circulation and promotion of the International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practice (ICCSMP), an important set of practical regulations for the manufacturing of cork stoppers, the adoption of which by the industry has helped to achieve standard quality throughout the sector.